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March 7th: The first prototype version of DFM Self Protection goes online.


What is CRT?

Conflict Resolution Techniques, or CRT, are the professional way to defuse confrontations before it turns to violence. 

Students are taught how to read body language, recognise personality types and how their own attitude can inflame a situation. They are shown how empathy is a powerful compliance tool. CRT is taught to police officers, the NHS, door supervisors, journalists, special-forces soldiers, receptionists and many more professions.

argueConflict resolution is the process of attempting to resolve a dispute or a conflict. Successful conflict resolution occurs by listening to and providing opportunities to meet the needs of all parties, and to adequately address interests so that each party is satisfied with the outcome. Conflict Practitioners talk about finding the win-win outcome for parties involved, vs. the win-lose dynamic found in most conflicts.

Conflict itself has both positive and negative outcomes. Practitioners in the field of Conflict Resolution aim to find ways to promote the positive outcomes and minimize the negative outcomes.

Workplace violence is increasing with one in five employees now being attacked and even murdered. This can leave companies and management facing court cases, compensation claims, lost productivity and damaged public relations. Conflict Resolution Training is the professional way to diffuse volatile situations before they turn violent. Teaching simple verbal and body language techniques our courses equip employees and management with the tools to handle difficult situations professionally.