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March 7th: The first prototype version of DFM Self Protection goes online.


CRT Trainer Seminars

DFM Self-protection runs CRT training courses for trainers.

With just under half of all recorded assaults in the UK committed against employees, many companies and organisations are turning to experts such as DFM to teach CRT to their staff.

These courses cover the fundamentals of CRT and explain how to teach them effectively to your employees.

Trainers gain a DFM Trainer CRT certificate, a booklet, course material and a CD power point presentation to help teach your employees.

They are also entitled to discounts on future orders of CRT teaching material such as booklets, certificates and further courses.

Your company gains the right to state on publicity material staff are DFM CRT trained.
Course Details
  • What is Conflict
  • Verbal Communication
  • Body Language (the signs confrontation is turning to violence)
  • Personality Types
  • Betaris Box
  • Confrontation
  • Five Step Appeal (How to gain compliance)
  • Leaps (How to ask questions to gain empathy)
  • Understanding Distance (Why ir never pays to crowd country folk)
  • Reaction Zone
  • When Confrontation turns to Conflict
  • Anatomy of violence (Explains how violence happens)
  • Defusing Conflict using body and verbal skills
  • ALPS (Attitude; Look and Listen; Palms and Positions; Space)
  • Changing the Script (Verbal street escape techniques)
  • How to safely take over a confrontation (Lead and Support)
  • Risk Assessments
  • Impact Factors
  • PILS (Person; Implement; Locations; and Situation

All course participants are taught how to use the material for training and how to operate the power point presentation CD and are supplied with background CRT material. The seminar is an all day course. On completion of the seminar participants are DFM certified basic level one CRT trainers.