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Andrew Newton
In the course of my career I have done a few CRT courses, including the British Security Industry course, and I can safely say this course was the best I’ve ever done.

This course managed to get more information across clearly in a day that some CRT courses take in two.

The teachers were very knowledgeable and you could tell they were speaking with experience from their in-depth knowledge of the topics.

I would recommend this course as the best on the market.
Andrew Newton,
Customer Relations, 2008

Steve Mclaughlan
I really enjoyed the course and thought the tutors were able to project and show each aspect of the CRT so it was clearly understood. This is not easy considering the physical requirements and some of the more personal points that were raised.

I had no expectations as I've never done anything like this but I've always been a people watcher and I found the information on traits and tell tail body language signs very interesting.

I would have been happy for it to have go on for longer.

I was surprised at the tutor’s knowledge of the subject - not just the broader scope of CRT - but the detail and little snippets of information that relate to animal reactions, conversational and body language traits etc.

I am recommending the course to other departments at the castle and will be discussing it with others businesses in the area.

All in all it was a very good course - informative - relevant - with useable and memorable information. Well done.
Steven Mclaughlan
Maintenance Co-ordinator Manager
The Northumberland Estate, 2008

Andy Jerdan
I enjoyed this course as it was run in an informal manner. 

Although I did have some pre-course knowledge in this subject, the course both reinforced my own subject knowledge and added to certain other relevant areas.

The tutors’ use of human physiology and psychology in conflict resolution rather than relying on physical skills showed personal underpinning knowledge of the subject and the course more than met my expectations.

I would recommend this course to other “free lance trainers” who because of their profession work or stay in unfamiliar locations. 
Andy Jerdan,
Senior Trainer
First Aid & Health and Safety, 2008 

Caroline Smith
The presenters were courteous and enthusiastic throughout the course and the purpose of the course was made clear.

The presenters were very knowledgeable, the lesson was well structured and the material was taught clearly.

Another aspect of the course was the relevance of the material taught to my role as a reporter.

The session developed my understanding of human behaviour and how modifying my own behaviour can change a confrontation for the better.
Caroline Smith
Chief Reporter
ncjMedia, 2007

Sharon Hall
Thank you very much for your input on training update day - the feedback was very good for your course and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the morning training in CRT.

I appreciate you taking time out of your busy weekend at short notice for this.
Sharon Hall

Durham and Dales PCT Trust, 2006

Mike Simpson
I enjoyed this course because the subject matter was taught in a clear, succinct and practical way. It was also full of useful information.

The course tutors knew their subject and brought a wise range of interpersonal problem-solving experiences to the course, coupled with an expertise in self-protection.

I would highly recommend this course because it was practical, low on waffle and reductive theory and high on easy to memorise techniques that were easy to apply.

Well done.
Mike Simpson
Child care, 2008

Lisa Williams
The course was interesting and informative. I liked the fact that the trainers demonstrated what they were talking about rather than just relying on verbal communication.

The tutors really knew their stuff and relayed good third party stories to reinforce points which could only come from experience.

I would happily recommend this course to others.
Lisa Williams,
Electrical Appliance Testing
Martial Arts: Kickboxing Instructor, 1st Dan, 2008

Daniel Drew
I enjoyed the course as it was very educational learning how deal with people in confrontational situations.

The course was a lot more interesting and enjoyable than I had expected it to be. The tutor was very knowledgeable about his subject and was able to project a confidence and provoke interest in those participating in the course. The content of the course was well received by those there.

I would definitely recommend this course to other people because, as well as the practical applications of what was taught, it also was an enjoyable and informative day.

Daniel Drew
Shop worker
Metro Centre, Gateshead,. 2008

John Barrass
I would like to thank the tutors for their sound knowledge of CRT and for making the course intense but very enjoyable.

My initial goals were just to understand the basics of CRT in order to help me in my employment role as an operations manager. However, the tutor’s approach to teaching and training was very detailed and informative. The structure of the course and its criteria was easy to follow and understand as was the practical side of this training package. 

Following the course I now have a sound understanding of CRT and the body language of people whom are either angry or upset. This will have a great impact on my employment as part of my job is to deal with or discipline employees.

This course has now prompted me to look into the matter of body language further and human behaviour in situations were people are very upset and could lead to violence. However this is no substitute for actually attending a course in CRT. As I also teach martial arts and self defence i was very surprised as how easy it would be to incorporate the CRT training in to my self defence system, this will be a huge bonus for my student "avoiding violence before violence starts".
Mr John Barrass
Operations Manager
Caledonian Alloys Ltd,
Martial Arts: Evasive Self Defence System, 4th Dan; Ju-jutsu, 4th Dan; Kenjutsu, 2nd Dan, Wado Ryu Karate, 2nd Dan; Aikido, 1st Dan, 2008

Peter Bagnall 
I enjoyed the course because it was held in a light hearted yet informative manner. It also pulled together lots of information on this very important subject.

The course met my expectations of developing techniques to identify conflicts as they arise and also to deal with and avoid conflict situations.

The course tutor both knew course material and was able to provide examples from real life.

I would recommend this course because violent conflict is becoming more and more intrusive into a lot of peoples lives, so the ability to identify the causes and deal with them effectively is becoming more and more relevant to people.
Pete Bagnall
Multi-national IT company
Martial arts instructor
Wado-ryu Karate, 2nd Dan; Aikido 1st Dan; Kenjutsu 1st, 2008

Robin Francis

I very much enjoyed the course because it dealt with a serious and useful subject in a friendly and memorable way, yet remaining very conscientious of the material the whole time.

I also felt the exercises helped the learning process as it allowed course participants to practise applying it in real situations.

On the whole, the course exceeded my expectations: I did not expect such depth (especially in terms of the psychology), nor the breadth (such as the section on law and identifying environments and other factors likely to exacerbate the situation) that was covered in the course.

The tutors certainly knew their stuff - this was evident in the fact that for everything that was taught, an explanation was provided for why this was so. This was particularly reassuring as to the practicality of the course.

I would recommend this course to any organisation, company or institution where people will be working with other people. Those who work in office environments have as much to benefit from as those who work in dangerous environments. I think that those in management or human resources positions would especially benefit from this class.
Robin Francis
Political office worker and Cambridge University Student, 2008

Peter Seth
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it met my expectations very well.
The course had good timing and pace, and was knowledgeably presented in a relaxed atmosphere and was delivered with plenty of humour - conducive to learning..

I would recommend this course for all the above reasons.
Peter Seth
Technical support 
Martial arts instructor
Aikido 3rd Dan (senior instructor/coach British Aikido Board - Sport UK affiliated), 2008
Luke Somerville
I found the CRT course very enjoyable and interesting. I’ve attended another CRT course in the past as part of my employment, but it wasn’t as in depth as this course, which explored and explained the theories with good examples which could be related to everyday life. 

The course met my expectations and more. I now have a much better idea how to control conflict before it reaches aggressive stages. I also have a greater understanding of conflict triggers and how they transfer to violence. 

The course tutor had a vast knowledge of conflict management theories and could also give good examples and practical demonstrations. 

The course although serious also has an element of humour throughout the day and this just adds to the enjoyment.

I would thoroughly recommend this course and feel that everybody should have to complete a training day within this area. I believe this type of training to be important within many employment sectors and a must to people who deal with the public on a day to day basis.
Luke Somerville
Security Door Staff, 2008

Scott Hall
I enjoyed the course because the subject was interesting and well explained. The course met my expectations because of its use of psychology and I was interested in its application. 

The tutor had an excellent understanding of the subject and could explain it using examples from real life with a conversational ease. 

I would certainly recommend the course to anybody whether a martial arts student or not because you can never be sure of your personal safety and the course gives you a chance to read the warning signs before a conflict allowing an escape regardless of physical strength or any fighting skills.
Scott Hall
Student at Northumbria University, 2008