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March 7th: The first prototype version of DFM Self Protection goes online.


Student Street Safe

Many universities, colleges and schools hold self-defence courses for students.

But many of these only cover what to do once you are in a fight.

Our unique Student Street Safe course is designed to give young people the tools needed to stay
safe on Britain’s streets.

Student Street Survival teaches Conflict Resolution Training combined with self-defence and street sense training so students have a rounded understanding of self-protection. This because DFM Self-protection Ltd believes the best form of self-defence is not to get into conflict in the first place. 

Students also receive a bound booklet that contains all the key points covered. They also get a signed certificate that can be presented to potential employers saying they are CRT trained.

All our tutors have attended the Security Management Service course for NHS trainers and are self-protection, self-defence and martial artists of many years experience.

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