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March 7th: The first prototype version of DFM Self Protection goes online.


CRT Student Street Safe Course

THIS unique course is designed so young people stay safe on Britain’s streets.
Many colleges and universities hold self-defence classes.
But these only teach what to do once violence has started.
Student Street Safe courses combine self-defence, Conflict Resolution Techniques (CRT) and street survival knowledge.
This because the best form of self-defence is not to get into conflict in the first place.

Many businesses require staff to be CRT trained.
Students receive a bound booklet and a certificate to present to employers saying they are CRT trained.


·         The difference between confrontation and conflict

·         Shows the two ways humans communicate

·         Why communication breaks down

·         Explain warning, danger and autonomic signs that violence is rising

·         How to raise your awareness levels

·         How confrontations progress towards conflict

·         The fight and flight response and flinch and freeze

·         LEAPS – Using empathy and questioning skills to gain compliance

·         How to use body language to defuse conflict


The Self-defence module of the course uses simple but highly effective self-defence techniques.

These techniques are kept simple because under stress the body automatically shuts down its fine motor skills.

Complex techniques are forgotten when fear kicks in so DFM has devised a set of self defence techniques that work on the flinch principle.

The smaller component of fight and flight, this is what the body instinctively does when surprised or scared.

This unique approach means students don’t need to remember complex moves but just react naturally.


·         How to Change the Script

·         Hot and cold attacks - shout fire!

·         Guard Positions

·         The law

·         Safety at night and safe travelling

·         The importance of appearing confident

·         The difference between assertiveness and aggression

·         The Law on Self-Defence

·         Where to get help