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March 7th: The first prototype version of DFM Self Protection goes online.


CRT Media Course

This unique course has been written by a senior DFM Trainer who worked as a journalist in regional media for many years. 
It is specifically aimed at press and broadcast reporters, photographers and cameramen and covers all areas when confrontation can arise during media assignments.

These include covering court cases; deaths knocks and cold calling; vox-pops and street interviews; snatches and confrontational interviews.
It also teaches street sense awareness and the dos and don’ts of personal safety.

Students get a bound booklet that covers all the key points of CRT and a signed certificate to present to employers saying they are CRT trained.

Course Details

  • What is Conflict
  • Verbal Communication
  • Body Language (signs confrontation is turning to violence)
  • The Big No No's
  • Personality Types
  • Betaris Box
  • Confrontation
  • Five Step Appeal
  • Leaps (How to ask questions and gain empathy)
  • Understanding Distance (Why it never pays to crowd country folk)
  • When Confrontation turns to Conflict
  • Fight and Flight - Flinch and Freeze
  • Anatomy of violence (Explains how violence happens)
  • Difference between Hot and Cold attacks
  • Defusing Conflict
  • ALPS (Attitude; Look and Listen; Position and Palms; Space)
  • Changing the Script
  • Risk Assessments (Why external jobs should be assessed beforehand)
  • Impact Factors (Drugs; Alcohol;Bereavement; History of Violence)
  • PILS (Person; Implement; Location; Situation)
  • Death knocks and cold calling (CRT Do's and Don't's)
  • The Law on Self-defence

This course can include simple breakaway techniques to stop an assailant from keeping a grip on you and how to defend against strikes without striking back.